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Red Crown
с июл 2009
Обратная сторона Луны
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Дата: 01 Май 2010 22:20:58 · Поправил: Red Crown (01 Май 2010 22:30:05) #  

В период 29 апреля – 8 мая с.г. в Европейской зоне проводится активный этап КШУ ВС США и ОВС НАТО «Austere Challenge 2010». В числе участников - Франция.

Из Сети:
USS MOUNT WHITNEY, Mediterranean Sea – Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and civilian maritime professionals embarked aboard USS Mount Whitney (LCC/JCC 20) and deployed today in support of Exercise Austere Challenge 2010 (AC-10).
AC-10 is an annual joint exercise that enables U.S. European Command (EUCOM) service components to plan and execute a full spectrum of operations as a Joint Task Force Headquarters. “To be an effective staff we must be prepared for any contingency,” said Vice Adm. Harry Harris, Commander, U.S. 6th Fleet. “Even as 6th Fleet assets stand the watch throughout the European and African theaters, it is important that our entire force stay constantly diligent and train for unforeseen events and maintain the ability to command and control those assets.” There are two phases of AC-10; the planning phase, which took place in early February, and the current execution phase. During the execution phase the Joint Task Force positions theater assets and commands forces through simulated operations. “AC-10 is a cumulative event of the 6th Fleet Maritime Operations Center Training Continuum designed to prepare the staff to respond to the contingency operations in the EUCOM area of responsibility (AOR),” said Craig Linderman, AC-10 exercise deputy director. “This event provides the opportunity to train the staff for various crises that they may be tasked to support.” Linderman went on to say that the exercise design will help those involved stay informed on how to conduct joint operations in the AOR. “We will have a better understanding of joint capabilities and establish a foundation for a strong team to accomplish whatever task we are assigned,” said Linderman.

4/04/2010 10:21:00 AM
(на французском)

Заметки по прошлому аналогичному КШУ (Austere Challenge '09)

What is it?

Austere Challenge is an annual joint exercise that enables U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) service components to plan and execute full spectrum operations (FSO) as a Joint Task Force Headquarters (JTF HQ). During Austere Challenge '09 (AC09), USAREUR/7A was assigned the role as the JTF HQ, demonstrating its capabilities to rapidly organize and execute missions in the context of a realistic crisis scenario.

What has the Army done?

U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) developed and administered the AC09 exercise scenario, evaluating the JTF staff's ability to counter the threat. The scenario required the staff to plan for FSO with a focus on major combat operations, as well as security, stability, transition and reconstruction operations.

One of USAREUR's training objectives was to achieve seamless integration of joint planning processes with the numerous military and civilian agencies participating in the exercise. The Department of State Reconstruction and Stabilization Team and Advance Civilian Team allowed for excellent integration of civilian and military cultures as well as synchronization of operations between the JTF, embassy and interagency (IA) personnel. In total, more than 5,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and IA personnel - geographically dispersed in Europe, at sea, and in the United States - benefitted from the training. Also joining the U.S. participants were four of our NATO allies: the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and France.

By earning JTF certification, USAREUR/7A proved that it is trained and ready to perform as the core of a JTF, leading FSO including high-intensity conflict anywhere in the USEUCOM AOR and out-of-area. The lessons that our Soldiers learned from each other and the relationships they forged with members of our sister services, IA partners, and other government/non-government agencies have laid the foundation for effective response to future regional crises.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future?

AC09 was more than just a distributed command post exercise; it was a tool to bring complex command and control theory and structure into practice. In the future, USAREUR/7A will sharpen its joint warfighting skills as the core of a Joint Forces Land Component Command HQ during AC10 and AC11.

Why is this important to the Army?

Austere Challenge '09 was a major step in the transformation of USAREUR/7A to its new modular headquarters design. The training that AC09 provided improved joint interoperability, confidence, and interservice relations essential to success in future coalition operations.
с июл 2009
Сообщений: 36

Дата: 03 Май 2010 10:14:02 #  

Red Crown, а USS Mount Whitney в USB работает?
Red Crown
с июл 2009
Обратная сторона Луны
Сообщений: 586

Дата: 04 Май 2010 19:36:03 #  

насколько известно, в усл повседневной деятельности - не отмечено, в составе сети Ком. 6 ОФ в ходе КШТ (например, типа "Батл Стафф Трайнинг") как УС флагманского корабля 6 ОФ - вполне вероятно.
Red Crown
с июл 2009
Обратная сторона Луны
Сообщений: 586

Дата: 04 Май 2010 20:03:28 #  

PLEXSYS provides support to US European Command Austere Challenge 2010 Exercise

PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc.® is pleased to announce the award of a contract to provide support to the EUCOM Austere Challenge 2010 exercise with E3 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) emulation, providing a virtual simulation componenet into the constructive simulation environment.

The AWACS Mission Training Center (MTC) E3 applications are themselves underpinned by the Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT), a proven training system which provides the appropriate intensity of training, from 'stand alone' single systemtraining through large scale distributed training exerciser, to meet operators/ mission crew/ battle staff level qulaification and continuation training requirements.

ASCOT will provide constructive forces with AWACS functionality and sensor emulation to create robust training events in support of all aspects of the E3 mission crew training to include radar, IFF, and data link operations.

PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc® and its' partner company, PLEXSYS International Canada (PIC) are innovative and dynamic companies focused on distributed simulation command and control products. We specialize in constructive forces generation with data-link interoperability, synthetic weapons and sensor emulation, DIS-HLA voice communications in the virtual battlespace. Distributed training venues include particpation in exercises sponsored by organization such as US Joint Forces Comand, US European Command, US Army Forces Command, the USAF Distributed Mission Operations Center (DMOC), Northern Command, First Air Force, NATO Command, Control and Consultation Agency (NC3A), and Sweden's FMV Defense Acquisition Agency.

Еще инфа по прошлогоднему учению

Network Service Center Operational Validation (NSC OPVAL) and Austere Challenge 2009

During the NSC OPVAL, held April–May 2009, the 18th Fires Brigade (Bde) successfully simulated a scenario of leaving its server equipment behind while notionally traveling from its Fort Bragg, NC, headquarters to its area of responsibility (AOR), Grafenwoehr, Germany. During the OPVAL, the 18th Fires Bde was trained to trust that it wouldn’t have to carry its equipment as it traveled from headquarters to its AOR. During this scenario, the network would be present to support the brigade. NSC OPVAL coincided with Austere Challenge 2009, an annual joint exercise that enables U.S. European Command service components to plan and execute full-spectrum operations as a Joint Task Force Headquarters.

In the future, GNEC will consolidate a proliferated collection of active e-mail directories for applications into one. On behalf of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), CIO/G-6 is leading an initiative to bring about an e-mail strategy for the entire DOD. Presently, an Army member cannot access an individual from a separate military branch through the Global Address List, the directory used to locate contact information. The new e-mail strategy will make this possible. The focus is to set the strategy in place for the headquarters of the U.S. Army Materiel Command, Armed Forces Command, and the U.S. Army Transportation Command. Once the strategy proves effective, DISA will take the lead in providing it to the entire force.
During his opening remarks at the LandWarNet 2009 Conference, GEN Carter F. Ham, U.S. Army Europe and Seventh Army Commanding General (CG), called GNEC “the right thing to do” and “very, very exciting,” while indicating that challenges lie ahead. One challenge is that an Italian commander could not access the laws, policies, and procedures shared by the Army during Austere Challenge 2009. This challenge needs to be resolved. Whether they are in their home station or in a mission, commanders or units need to see the same network, said Ham. As the Army looks ahead to Austere Challenge 2010, “We have a lot of challenges ahead of us and we will continue to push the envelope,” said Sorenson.

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