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SIA SmaartLive v.
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Описание файла
SIA SmaartLive v5.4.0.0

SmaartLive Version 5, SIA Software Company's
dual-channel FFT-based audio measurement software, is
the professional audio industry standard for real-time
sound system measurement, optimization, and control.
SIA's SmaartLive software for Microsoftо Windowsо
combines powerful audio frequency measurement, analysis
and data logging capability with a highly intuitive,
user-friendly interface and the ability to remotely
control an extensive list of top name equalizers and DSP

SmaartLive Version 5's Measurement Capabilities Include:

Spectrum: Real-time signal analysis with multiple,
simultaneously viewable, measurement modes:

2-channel RTA with selectable linear or
fractional-octave banding (to 1/24- octave), peak-hold
and THD calculation functionality as well as
user-definable timed averaging. Standard Noise Criterion
(NC) curves available when calibrated for SPL

Single channel Spectrograph - a powerful 3-D display
of a signal's spectral content over time and an
excellent tool for identifying feedback frequencies and
other persistent frequency-dependent problems such as
system resonances and mechanical noise.

Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measurement with user definable
alarm levels. When calibrated for SPL, SmaartLive
provides a continuous SPL readout with Flat, A and
C weighting options and standard Fast and Slow integration
times, as well as the option to display an SPL histogram
with Max, Min and Avg. values over the measurement

Spectrum Data Logging: Spectrum measurement data logged
to a user-specified file in time-stamped, tab delineated
ASCII format. This feature supports user-definable
sampling integration times from one second 24 hours in
length and total measurement durations of up to 1 week
(168 hours). LEQ calculation functionality included.

LEQ (Including L10, L50, L90, LMin and LMax)

Spectrum Log (Fractional Octave Data to 1/24th)


Transfer Function: Provides precise dual-channel
frequency response measurement using any test signal -
making it possible to monitor a system's behavior during
a performance or event, using the actual program
material as the test signal. Features include:

Magnitude, Phase and Coherence data traces for all live
and stored Transfer Function measurements.

User-definable Magnitude and Coherence Thresholding
functions to reject bad or suspect data.

User-definable time windowed transfer function

Calculated EQ curve displayed with external device
control interfaces.

RMS and Vector Averaging Options

Impulse Response: Precise delay time and system acoustic
response measurement capability - SmaartLive can measure
the arrival times of signals with up to 0.02-
millisecond resolution (depending on sampling rate),
essential information for achieving (and maintaining)
optimal alignment of sound system components and
subsystems. Features include:

Store and recall Impulse Response measurements in
Windows .wav file format.

Store and compare measured delay times.

Mouse Line Draw on Plot with T60 calculation.

Log Scale, Linear Scale and ETC views
Note ID: Cursor available in Spectrum and Transfer
Function modes that indicates the nearest musical note
corresponding to a frequency from the standard 12-tone
scale, a useful feature for helping bridge the
communication gap between engineers and artists.

External Device Control: Remote control capability for
over 40 pro-market equalizers and DSP processors from
manufacturers such as Ashley, BSS, dbx, Klark Teknik,
RAMSA, Sabine, Shure, and XTA, allows you to identify
and address sound system issues from a single screen
without need of switching to another control program or
reaching for the rack. All device capabilities,
including EQ, delay, gain, limiting and crossover
settings for each device included in its interface as
well as the calculated response curves shown with
magnitude traces in Transfer Function mode.

Weighting Curves: Standard A, C and user-definable
weighting curves available for application in Spectrum
and Transfer Function modes.

Internal Signal Generator: Use your internal wave output
to generate standard measurement signals including: pink
noise, sine wave, dual sine and looped wave (*.wav)
files. Also available are four FFT length-specific
synchronized (sync) measurement signal sources: pink
sync, red sync (red = extra LF energy), pink sweep and
red sweep.

Configurations and Presets: Extensive flexibility for
interface and measurement configuration enables you set
up, store and quickly recall analyzer configurations and
measurement presets that make sense for the way you want
to work.

New in SmaartLive v5.4:

- Real-Time Data Exchange API

The SmaartLive 5.4 revision features changes required to
support export of SmaartLive measurement data to other programs
such as the Lake ContourTM Controller program. This addition
should be transparent to most users and any necessary
documentation will be supplied by the publishers of client
applications supporting data exchange through this interface.
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