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Newsgroups: alt.radio.scanner
Subject: Shuttle Freqs & Rebroadcast
From: jherndo@eis.calstate.edu (John Herndon)
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1993 06:47:47 GMT
Organization: Calif State Univ/Electronic Information Services

Space Shuttle Radio Frequency List
Rich Weinkauf, Farmington, MI

A Space Shuttle mission requires the coordination of thousands of
individuals on the planet, and some off. This coordination is directed
largely by radio communications, both voice and digital; and supplies the
communications enthusiast with several opportunities for listening. The
following list includes radio voice communication frequencies reported to be
in use during a typical Space Shuttle mission. This list has been gleaned
from many sources, including personal communications, messages on
Prodigy, Amateur Radio Bulletin Boards, Space and Astronomy Bulletin
Boards, and the NASA Spacelink BBS. All of it is subject to change without
notice, and reception is dependent on your location and the propagation

I can be reached for additions, deletions, and corrections to this list via:

Packet radio: N8QLT @ WD8DWO.#semi.mi.us.na
CompuServe: 70534,227
Internet: 70534.227@compuserve.com
Prodigy: BNCG39A

NASA: (frequencies in kHz, USB commonly)
NASA booster rocket recovery: 2622, 11407
NASA tracking: 3385, 3395, 6983, 14456
NASA tracking vessels: 5190
NASA booster recovery vessels: 5810
NASA aircraft: 6708, 6896, 7461, 7765
NASA Kennedy operations: 7675
USAF Cape Radio: 10780, 20390
NASA Pacific operations: 11205
NASA tracking (Ascencion Island): 20186, 20191

Edwards AFB: (frequencies in MHz)
116.4 ATIS
120.7 control tower
121.8 ground control
126.1, 127.8 approach control
133.65 approach/departure control
138.45 commandpost
149.925 security
162.6125 NASA ops
164.1 NASA
173.5875 fire
236.6 control tower
269.9 ATIS
290.3 departure control
318.1 tower
348.7 approach control
372.2 dispatchers
390.1 ground control

Kennedy: (MHz)
117.8 shuttle control
121.75, 126.3 ground control
126.65 weather
142.5, 143.04 cranes
148.455 NASA booster recovery
148.485 launch countdown/status
149.175 shuttle crawler
162.0125 NASA vessels
162.6125 NASA ops
163.4625, 163.4875 security
163.5125 security
163.5625 fire - primary
164.0 radiation checks
165.1875 check points
170.15 base operations
170.175 transportation
170.35 public relations
170.40 General Services Administration
171.15 maintenance/fuel
171.2625 camera tracking
173.175 security - gates
173.4375 medics
173.5625 fire/rescue
173.6625 safety units
173.6875 security - vans
173.7875 fire - secondary
284.0 ground control

Patrick AFB: (MHz)
118.4 approach/departure control
121.7 ground control
125.1 approach control
126.2 control tower
128.8 dispatcher
138.3 command post
273.5 ATIS
335.8 ground control
340.9 approach/departure control
344.6 weather
348.4 control tower
358.3 approach control
372.2 dispatchers

International emergency air frequencies (MHz)

Shuttle frequencies: (MHz)
296.8 primary
259.7 secondary
279.0 space suits

Communications and other stuff: (MHz)
1831.8 primary (USAF uplink, phase modulation)
1775.1 secondary
2106.4 primary (NASA uplink, phase modulation)
2041.9 secondary
2205.0, 2250.0 NASA downlink (FM)
2287.5 primary (NASA downlink, voice, phase mod)
2217.5 secondary

Rockwell (Edwards)
2995.5, 3282.5, 3475.5, 5597.5, 10010.5, 17966.5 (kHz, USB)
122.8, 123.05, 123.35, 123.525, 462.925 (MHz)

Rockwell (Edwards/Kennedy)
123.475 (MHz)

McDonnell Douglas (Edwards)
123.3, 123.55 (MHz)

Com-Tech Associates (Kennedy)
151.955 (MHz)

IBM & Harris Corp. (Kennedy)
152.48 (MHz)

TWA (Kennedy)
154.515 (MHz)

Retransmission on HF shortwave ham bands (KHz, USB commonly)*

NASA: 20198, 20186

Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD
WA3NAN: 28650, 21395, 14295, 7185, 3860

Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX
W5RRR: 28495, 21350, 14280, 7227, 3850

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, CA
W6VIO: 21340, 21280, 14282, 14270, 7165, 3840

San Francisco, CA
NASAAmes Research Center
K6MF: 7165, 3840

*My own experience with STS-35 during 12/90 here in Southeastern Lower
Michigan netted the NASA rebroadcast on 20198 KHz USB for about half the
mission. Most other contacts were with WA3NAN on 14295, 7185, and
3860, although QRM on 3860 made the signals difficult to copy by 0000
UTC. W5RRR was regularly heard on 14280 only, but with a strong signal.

Other possible frequencies and locations as posted on the NASA SpaceLink
BBS (205/895-0028) follow, with the message author's comments if

AMSAT OSCAR A0-13 Satellite
145.945 MHz primary
145.955 MHz secondary
Comments: "This Mode B requires a satellite high-gain antenna."

Eastern United States

Birmingham, AL
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
WB4CXD direct 145.380 MHz
N4AHN repeater 145.150 MHz

Huntsville, AL
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
Marshall Center Amateur Radio Club
145.100, 173.025 MHz
North Alabama DX Club
147.100 MHz
Comments: "These re-transmissions only heard in local Huntsville

Shuttle audio re-transmissions
448.425 MHz

Cape Canaveral, FL
NASA Select audio
Meritt Island Launch Area
K4GCC repeater 146.940 MHz

Jacksonville, FL
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
WD4AOG repeater 147.12 MHz

Vero Beach/Ft. Pierce, FL
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
145.130 MHz

Atlanta, GA
Big Shanty Repeater Group
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
146.655 MHz
147.345 MHz
Shuttle video re-transmissions
427.250 MHz (Channel 58 on cable-ready TV's)
Comments: "Transmitters located on Sweat Mountain in northeastern
Cobb County."

Ashburn, GA
Coastal Plains Amateur Radio Club
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
WD4EVD repeater 147.285 MHz

Forsyth, GA
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
147.915 MHz
Comments: "Contact Herschel C. Hopper
PO Box 426
Forsyth, GA 31029"

York, ME
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
K1MON/R 224.840 MHz
Comments: "Re-transmitted from Mt. Agamenticus, Maine"

Portland, ME
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
KA1SSZ/R 146.925 MHz

Mebane, NC
Slow scan TV
W4MWG 14230 KHz

Albany, NY
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ARC
Suttle aduio re-transmissions
W2SZ 146.820 MHz

Washington, DC/Greenbelt, MD
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
Goddard Space Flight Center
WA3NAN: 28650, 21395, 14295, 7185, 3860, KHz
147.45 MHz
Goddard Space Flight Center Amateur Radio Club (GARC)
Re-transmits Shuttle video ATV in Washington, DC Area
Comments: "Contact: Russ Jones, N3EGO
Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland"

Midwestern United States

Cedar Rapids, IA
NASA Select audio
444.300 MHz
146.400 MHz
Comments: "For mission STS-34, transmission was on 444.300 MHz
only. May also be carried on Cox cable channel 13 (KTS)."

Chicago, IL
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
145.210 MHz

Downers Grove, IL
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
145.350 MHz

Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
145.150 MHz
149.200 MHz
WB0BQG/R 3M ARC 147.120 MHz
Comments: "Listen to 145.150 during all normal missions. Shuttle
audio can also be heard on 147.120 MHz WB0BQG/R 3M ARC
repeater during some flights."

Waseca, MN
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
147.45 MHz
427.25 MHz

Dayton, OH
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
WB4LA repeater 145.110 MHz
Comments: "Via Kettering Medical center repeater, covers northern
Kentucky to Columbus."

Greenville, OH
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
WA8KZR 146.790 MHz

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
WB5EPI 448.750 MHz
K5OJI 145.310 MHz
146.600 MHz

El Paso, TX
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
448.650 MHz

Houston, TX
NASA Select audio
Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club
W5RRR 28495, 21350, 14280, 7227, 3850 KHz
W5RRR 146.640, 171.150 MHz

Wausau, WI
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
146.820 MHz
147.060 MHz
NASA Select video re-transmissions
421.250 MHz

Western United States

Phoenix, AZ
NASA Select audio
448.975 MHz
449.000 MHz

Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Amateurs on TV
Shuttle video re-transmissions
421.25 MHz
Comments: "The signal can be montiored with an ATV
downconverter, or on channel 57 on a cable-ready TV with
outside antenna. Repeater is located on Shaw Butte

Tucson, AZ
NASA Select audio
448.625 MHz

Bakersfield/Stockton, CA
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
WD6BNO/R 52.22 MHz
Comments: "Coverage includes Bakersfield to Stockton, CA"

Los Angeles, CA
Shuttle audio and video re-transmissions
52.640 MHz NASA Select audio
145.320 MHz NASA Select audio
145.460 MHz NASA Select audio, W6FXN
224.040 MHz NASA Select audio
224.940 MHz NASA Select audio
445.400 MHz NASA Select audio
445.425 MHz NASA Select audio
446.575 MHz NASA Select audio
447.000 MHz NASA Select audio
447.025 MHz NASA Select audio
447.400 MHz NASA Select audio
447.475 MHz NASA Select audio
448.375 MHz NASA Select audio
448.500 MHz NASA Select audio, Mt. Wilson, K6KMN
448.650 MHz NASA Select audio, Cactus System
449.000 MHz NASA Select audio, Cactus System
1241.25 MHz NASA Select video, Mt. Wilson, K6KMN

Monterey Bay Area, CA
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
KB5JR 443.300 MHz
Comments: "The KB5JR repeater is located on Mt. Loma Prieta at
3700 feet."

Mountain View, CA
NASA Select audio
Ames Amateur Club
145.580 MHz
Comments: "The signal originates from the NASA-Ames Research
Center in Mountain View, CA. NASA Select video is also
available for those with line-of-sight to Black Mountain
via Amateur TV. For ATV details write:"
Ames Amateur Club
P.O. Box 73
Moffett Field, CA 94035-0073

Northern CA
Shuttle audio re-transmission
WA6IEO 154.530 MHz
Comments: "12 watts transmitting from an altitude of 3200'."

Pasadena, CA
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
W6VIO 21340, 21280, 14282, 14270, 7227, 3850 KHz
W6VIO 224.040 MHz

Sacramento, CA
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
147.195 MHz

San Diego, CA
NASA Select audio re-tranmissions
448.625 MHz
448.675 MHz

San Francisco/Sacremento, CA
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
K6MF 145.580 MHz
444.775 MHz
Shuttle video re-transmissions
427.250 Mhz
Comments: "W6NKF ATV Repeater, Mt. Diablo, operates with vertical
polarization. Those with cable-ready TV's, VCR's or cable
company boxes can tune to channel 58 in CATV mode, and if
hooked to an outside TV antenna, should be able to receive
the telecast."

San Jose, CA
NASA Select audio re-transmissions
443.550 MHz

Santa Barbara, CA
NASA Select audio re-transmissions
449.000 MHz
NASA Select video and audio re-transmissions
1277.000 MHz

Ventura/Oxnard, CA
Shuttle audio re-transmissions
N6QOL 146.655 MHz

Southern New Mexico
NASA Select audio
448.625 MHz
448.650 MHz
488.675 MHz
448.975 MHz
449.000 MHz

Las Vegas, NV
NASA Select audio
449.000 MHz

Salt Lake City, UT
NASA Select audio
448.625 MHz

Cedar City, UT
NASA Select audio
448.650 MHz

Eastern Desert
NASA Select audio
448.650 MHz

**NOTE** I grabbed this from a FTP site (don't remember where), and find
it very handy to repost whenever the Shuttle goes up.. Enjoy! -JOHN-

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